Leiden, The Netherlands

Developing innovative therapeutics for cancer

BIMINI Biotech is a Leiden-based start-up that is developing innovative first-in-class therapeutics for oncology by uniquely targeting the Wiskott-Aldrich-Syndrome protein


Targeting the Wiskott-Aldrich-Syndrome Protein

BIMINI’s approach is based on proprietary technology that targets the Wiskott-Aldrich-Syndrome Protein (WASp), an actin nucleation related protein expressed exclusively in hematopoietic cells. WASP modulation has shown to deliver a potent anti-cancer effect. We have a proprietary portfolio of:

WASP activation

BM-011, a WASP activator, is based on the  pioneering research of the Institute Oncology Research (IOR) in Switzerland.

WASP inhibition

BM-013, a WASP inhibitor.

BM-011 for Lymphomas

WASP activation has shown to promising results in difficult to treat non-Hodgkin lymphomas.

BM-013 for Leukemias

WASP inhibition has shown promising results in difficult to treat leukemias.

Our Team

BIMINI Biotech combines young ambitious entrepreneurs with scientific key-opinion-leaders and seasoned business experts

Digvijay Gahtory PhD


Maurits van den Nieuwboer PhD


Prof. Francesco Bertoni PhD

Scientific advisor

Henk Viëtor PhD, MD

Advisor BD

Prof. Marc Peeters PhD

Advisor Clinical

Peter Maas

Advisor MedChem

Carine van den Brink

Advisor Legal

Prof. Ger Strous PhD

Advisor Cell Biology

Ernst Elhorst

Advisor Licensing

Latest News

Keep up to date with the latests progression and achievement of BIMINI Biotech.

BIMINI Biotech’s MIT Feasibility grant AUTO-WASP awarded

BIMINI Biotech has received a MIT feasibility grant (€20.000) for the AUTO-WASP project. The Mkb-innovatiestimulering Regio en Topsectoren (MIT) stimulates innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises across regional borders. In[…]

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Seed funding

BIMINI Biotech closes new seed round with Libertatis Ergo Holding for the development of first-in-class therapeutics

Leiden, 29 June 2023 – BIMINI Biotech, an innovative Leiden-based therapeutics start-up that develops novel therapeutics for hematological cancers, raised an additional investment of €250,000 from lead investor Libertatis Ergo[…]

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Eurostars project HEMATO-WASP awarded

Leiden, 1 April 2023 – BIMINI Biotech, an innovative therapeutics startup, was recently awarded a Eureka Eurostars project with the aim of developing novel therapeutics for lymphomas. This project named[…]

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